Thursday, March 3, 2011

A vacation, or something like it...

Yesterday I didn't knit!
( I did knit, just not all day...I knit for about an hour in the evening. )
I sewed. because yes, I am *multicraftual.
( *yes, I do know that's not a real word. but you know what I mean so, just live with it. )
Most of my smaller needles, such as DPNS, Circular, cable needles, I store in a tin box.
Some people have a drawer, others have bag. but you know we all have one. every knitters dirty little secret.

I decided that this needed to be fixed.
why BUY a needle case when I could make one for free.
I had some fabric left over from when I made my sewing basket last year. so I used that.

I love the green. It makes me happy. :)
So yesterday I was very busy appliqueing numbers.

The other nice thing about making, instead of buying is that I can customize.
how many needle case's that you buy have spots for not only 0, but 00, 000 also?

this is my knitting basket. isn't it cool?
I got the basket from goodwill for about $10, and the fabric only cost me $12 for two yards!
and with the left over I made a needle case that matches.
I still have my tin box but now it is more organized. 
Plus it's SO much easier to find the needles I want!
Happy Sewing~

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