Monday, January 16, 2012

Mom Cozy and Tea Cozy.

when I asked my Mom what she wanted for Christmas she told me that she wanted a shawl for reenacting.
She help pick out the pattern and I picked out the yarn.
I ended up using Cascade Yarns in a lovely Red/Brown color.
It turned out really well.

I also made her a tea pot cozy out of the same color plus the green from Frodo's sweater.

And there you have it, all the things that I made for people for Christmas.
Happy Knitting~

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ligit socks.

Usual people don't want to get socks for Christmas,
 so when I asked my Dad what he would want if I where to knit him something
and a few days later he said
 'You can knit me a pair of socks for reenacting.'
I was a little scared that he had not been serious, none the less, I knit him a pair of 100% authentic Civil War era socks.
I had gotten the pattern last year in a kit that I had found online.
 I got some sock yarn at the yarn shop in a color that I thought would be appropriate for men's socks during the 19th century, and got to work.
as I was working on many other projects while working on these it took me longer then it could have.
 I found that I really don't like knitting socks,
 at least not these ones while rather stressed....

So when Christmas came I nearly fainted while people where opening my gifts to them.
My doubts about if he where serious or not proofed to be groundless.
He loved them!!!!
For a knitter( or at least this knitter...)making something for some one you love and knowing that they are going to wear and love what you make them makes all the effort worth it.

Happy Knitting/Reenacting~