Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Ring bearer.

Spring is in the air! and so is the snow....
I haven't gotten that much done on Frodo, but I have the foundation of him.
First the yarn.
For his sweater I got Favorite Wool 100%Wool. colors-Lichen and moss.
I love this yarn because it's CHEAP! only $4.20 a skein!

And for his pants I got
Berroco Ultra Alpaca-light-50% super fine alpaca 50% Peruvian wool. Color-brown
This yarn is so very soft! I love working with it.

Since Hobbits are VERY fond of color ( especially Green and Yellow.)
I was SOOO happy to finally be buying yarn that is bright and cheery instead of..grey..
I was grinning from ear to ear in the yarn shop :)
The look that I had in mind for Frodo was an almost vintage Golfer look.
short nickers and a fair isle. V neck sweater.

It took me a few tries to figure out the sweater. but I finally got it
If you look closely you can see that in the color pattern I put golden rings ....
Almost as if it where destiny that Frodo would be the Ring bearer ;)
 ya, I don't think this out to much at alllllll.

I still need to do his under shirt not to mention his hands and feet.
This is for prospective.
From the pictures above, you don't really realise that he is a lot shorter then Gandalf.
(they ARE side by side.)

 that's all I have for today so
Happy Knitting~

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