Thursday, September 22, 2011

Living in the Past

Well, it's here. Our first and sadly, last reenactment of the year.
This is pretty much what I have been doing this week.
first to go out to the garage and figure out what to bring into the house.

then to bring IN all the things. and iron them and figure out what mending needs to be done.
This is the point where I start thinking I have way to much stuff.
(That I need to iron that is...)

I am so excited!
I get to use my re-production tea cup that a good friend of mine gave to me last year.
It's so very pretty.


Then the dreaded-DA-DA-DAAAA!
tyring on the corset for the first time in a few months...
It still fits!! yay!
And that, is all you need to know about that.

Time to get out the lovely box that my father made for me :)
It holds all my crap, if you must know.

And finally time to show the finished "wrapper"!!!
I feel rather like a bubble gum monster in it so that's what its name is.
Meet, Bubble-Gum-Monster~

The best part about this "dress" is it didn't cost me a dime!
The fabric was free and I cannibalized the buttons off of an old dress that I never wore.

I will try to take a few photo's during the weekend to share with you all!
Happy Reenacting~

Monday, September 19, 2011

Squirrel Girl

I have finished the Squirrel sweater!
Beg' 9-4-11 Fin' 9-18-11
The other night I could not sleep. I was tired but not sleepy. So I decided that I would work on my sweater.
well, after awhile it got to the point where I knew I would not be able to rest until I had finished it. so I knitted till 3:30am and finished the sweater!
I was pretty tired the next day, but who cares? I knitted a full sweater in 14 days!
At around 1:40am I was busy picking up st. on one of the front sides when the unthinkable happened! the circular needle I was using broke!!!!
This, folks, is why we don't buy cheap Needles! I was at a point where I couldn't go back so it took me about 30min just to fix and change the stupid needles

This is all the yarn I have left over.

And here is the finished sweater!!

it's the warmest sweater I have ever worn. you put it on and it's like it's hugging you with it's softness and warmth. Like the pattern said it is loose fitting,
but that doesn't really matter, because it has Squirrels on it :)

I had more trouble then I thought when trying to find buttons the right color. it took me FOREVER!
II just was unable to find the right color!
till I looked at the bargain buttons...I got three packs of 3 for $2.20 ( after coupon, and discount.)
so total cost of this grand adventure including blocking board, pins, everything)
Not bad.

So there you go, one Squirrel sweater!
Happy Knitting~

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Block Head

No, I haven't gotten all of the knitting done, but I have enough done that I can start blocking what I have finished.
(all I have left to knit are the sleeves.)

So today I got all I needed to start blocking.
I haven't done that much blocking, well on this scale I should say. so I wasn't quit sure how to go about doing it.
What I have done in the past is to just pin the wet piece of knitting to a towel draped over the ironing board.
That would quit cut it this time. So I researched about blocking on....BLOGS! boy, some of them are sure packed with useful information!
On one blog I saw where she used foam floor mats as her blocking board and I thought that it was the most ingenious idea ever!
So I got some at Harbor Freight, for $9.99 (on sale.)
(these mats do stink, so you may want to air them out, or block somewhere other then you're living space. or even better wait to block when you have a sinus cold! :) )

and I also got some T pins for $6.38 (That's 2 packs of 40. so I got 80 pins.)
(I got these at Joann's)

and so it begins!

I was a little worried that the colors would bleed. but they didn't! YAY!!! I didn't really want a sweater with strange green colored squirrels on it...

I will let these block till I get the sleeves finished then I shall block them.
Happy Blocking~

Friday, September 9, 2011

Season of happyness.

Guess what season it is!!! That's right folks!
Knitting season!
I can't tell you how happy I am that it is finally (at least on the calender) fall.
It still may be 80+ degrees, but it's September baby!

My first project this fall is something I have never really done before. knit a sweater.
I have knit sweaters for dolls and the such but never a Kacie sized one.


two weeks ago I treated myself to a new knitting Meg'

This issue has lots of lovely sweater patterns in it.
Namely this one~

~Squirrel Cardigan~

I just love the Squirrels on it :)

the yarn-
I decided to go with Lion Brands, Wool-Ease
I have used it before and I really like it.
I got five skeins of 115 Blue mist and one skein of 171 Gold.
( the blue is for the body and the gold is for the squirrels)

I began on 9-4-11

Here is the back.

So far I have the back and left front done.

I am begining the Right front.

I have only had to frog it a few times
( I am surprised I haven't had to do it more, to tell the truth..)
I am excited to see how it turns out!
*sigh* I love this time of year! granted I would love it even more if it started getting a little cooler...
I am hoping to get lots of knitting projects done this year!
and of course sharing it with you!
Happy Knitting~

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No, I was not abducted by Alians...

*sigh*. I know, I know.
 It's been forever since my last post. I really feel terrible about that....
But, I'm back!
I was not shipwrecked, abducted, stricken down with a fatal disease. No, just rather lazy.
So, this post shall be dedicated to the stuff I did during the summer.


#1. Some sewing.

My handy-dandy sewing machine. It was originally my mothers till she got her current one and gave me her old one. It's just an old Kenmore. Nothing to fancy but it gets the job done.
Except button holes, it won't do button holes anymore..

The only Civil War project I am doing in time for a reenactment.
My "wrapper". It's not really a wrapper but it's the closest thing I could think of to call it.
It's really more of a bloomer dress. That I only wear in the evenings.

I got the fabric for free from another reenacter. she was trying to get rid of some fabric that she had had for years and I thought, well yeah, it's about the most ugly fabric ever. but it's free...
so I got about nine yards.

It's pink, it's gingham, it has embroidery on it..
But it was free!

I have never been a fan of pink. I don't think you could find anything in my wardrobe that has pink on it. but you know what? I figured that I would only be wearing it in the evenings when the public is gone and I can't stand wearing a corset any longer.
(Don't get me wrong, pink is a very nice color. I just have never gravitated towards wearing it. I do like it as a color though.)

Here are the patterns that I used.

The pants

The bodice/skirt. (not sleeves)

past patterns-702
Small pagoda sleeve's.

Under sleeve.

What's the fun of using just one pattern?


While sewing in the sleeve's, I noticed that I had done something wrong. can you see where I went wrong?

That''s right, I put them in backwards... I soon fixed it and continued to finish the dress.
I am almost done, all I need to do is sew the button holes...
I will post a picture when it is all complete.


#2. A little quilt piecing.


#3. I sewed myself a new skirt and blouse.
I love the yellow :)
the skirt pattern gave me faith in Vogue patterns again.


#4. Some planting!
I got the pots at Joann's on Clarence. It used to be a pack of three for $9.99, will some how the 3rd one got lost. so I got the 2 for about $2.90.

I planted some wild flower seeds.

And they actually started to grow!
The problem is, I can grow things. It's just the keeping them alive, thing that I have trouble with...
I'm really a yellow thumb..


#4. Camping!


#5.  A little organizing.

#6. More doll clothes.
I decided that I wanted to sew a new dress for my doll. And of course I found a picture of a dress that was dripping with bead embroidery. why not? It's not like I have other more important things to occupy my time with...
The dress is an 1913 evening dress. The dress that I made is not a replica of the dress it was just inspired by.

The under dress is made of Dupioni silk. The over dress is, well I'm not all together sure what it is. It's sheer, rather stiff, and the most lovely pale green color.

It took me about a week to finish it.
My plan is to also make a tuxedo for my guy doll (same era.)

#6. sketching.
Every now and then I get the urge to draw. I had one of these urges the other day. So I got out a photo of my Papa, who had been in the navy in his younger days.
I did not free hand this.. I wish I could draw free hand this well... but I can't.
I have a light box.
I do have one thing to say in my defense for "cheat-drawing". I DO do the shading by hand. I just use the shadow box to get the out lines and basic shape.

#7. And of course. Working on my wedding ring quilt.

So, as you can see I did do stuff this summer. I was just to lazy to post it up.
I will try to be better now :)
 hope you had a Ggggreaaat Summer!!!

Happy Crafting~