Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Queen Bee Bonnet part #2.

If there is ever a time when I don't post for a period of time, don't think it's because I'm not doing anything. In fact it's the opposite. I am doing so much that I have no time to post.

A few weeks ago I finally finished my Mom's bonnet.
The part that I was stuck on?
Making the roses...
They are made like a normal ribbon roses, but instead of using ribbon, I used strips of silk.
Here are all the flowers, finished and ready to be put on the bonnet.

Decorating the bonnet has to be one of my least favorite parts about making a bonnet. I know, you would think it is the best part!
I do not think this.
 I have always found it hard trying to figure out what looks good and what just looks like crap.
When decorating a bonnet it is best to start with the base ribbon.

Once you get the ribbon on the way you want it. Pin the flowers on in different ways to see what you like the best. When you find the arrangement you like the best, sew it all down.
And poof! You have a finished bonnet!







It felt so good getting this done!
I am very pleased with how it turned out, and so is my Mom.
This being my second bonnet that I've made, I have found that I really enjoy making them!
I have even thought about making one or two to sell on my etsy. Maybe.
Happy Hatting~

Sunday, March 4, 2012


It has taken me a few months, a few tears,
and LOTS of help from my wonderful family and friends.
To finally be able to announce the official opening of my new etsy shop

Now some of the things that you see on this blog you can have for your very own!!!
The name credit goes to my Dad.
I want to thank you all for leaving so many ideas.
There where so many that I wish I could have used them all!
So, visit my shop,
and tell your friends, so they can tell their friends!

Happy Shopping~

1904 update

I am finally able to post some progress on 1904.
I was able to work on and finish my walking skirt.
It took me only a few hours from starting to sew, till I was done with the hooks and eyes.
One of the easiest skirts I have ever made.

The back.

I am really pleased with how it turned out.
 I  wasn't sure about this style of skirt at first, but I like it a lot better then I thought I would.
I can't wait to see it with the corset, and bodice completed.
Happy Sewing~

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Beauty AND Science.

Currently I am reading Moby Dick for the second time.
I have to say, I am enjoying it much better then the first time.

When reading the one chapter where he is describing the various whale types, I had a thought-
Than I had another thought-
"Wouldn't it be cool to have an embroidery wall hanging with the different whales on it with there common names and less common names so I would know what he is talking about!"
And so it began.
Once that little bug got in my head I couldn't get it out.
Internet, what would I do with out you?
With out it this project would not be possible.
well maybe it would, it would just be a lot more work.
I found pictures of the whales that I wanted with the little diver for perspective.

Changed the diver to lines, wrote the whales info underneath.

My three favorite whales :)
The Sperm whale
the Fin back whale, and the Narwhal.

Traced it all on a big piece o' paper.

Yes. those are Harpoons crossed over the top.
When researching for the harpoons, I decided that I wanted a 19th whaling harpoon.
I mean, how awesome would it be to have an 11' harpoon mounted on the wall?

After much frustration, I finally found the remainder of the fabric that I used for my map wall hanging.

Traced it out.

And began.

Happy Whaling~

Friday, March 2, 2012

Queen Bee Bonnet. Part #1.

As I hope you know, I made myself a bonnet a few months ago and found that I really quite enjoyed the process of it.
I decided that I wanted to make my mom a new bonnet as well.
 The bonnet she already has is a plain black silk one that she made a few years ago.

She wanted something a little less "All my family died".
The fabric that we chose is a beautiful gray silk

We also got some cream and a dusty pink silk for the flowers.
You know me, why buy silk flowers when you can make the yourself!...

I used the same pattern as my bonnet, without mods and in one size bigger.

It took me the better part of a Saturday to cover the buckram base.
I have to say that I was glad that I documented my last bonnet so well...

For the cream flowers I wanted them similar to the ones on my bonnet but a little smaller.

The under petals are like the ones on my bonnet, the top ones is the new pattern.

For construction, same as the first flowers that I made.


The first flowers that I made I love, but they have a major flaw.
The only thing keeping them on the stem is the tape at the base of the flower, which means it is really easy to just pull the flowers off.
To fix this I remembered that I had some modelling beeswax that I had gotten from a friend a few years ago.

I thought maybe if I melted the wax and then put some onto where the stamen would be it might help make them more sturdy.

And it worked! 
It worked so well in fact that I decided to put wax on the flowers on my bonnet as well.

The finished flower bunches.

I am still working on the pink flowers, they are giving me a bit more trouble.
Happy Hatting~

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Drawers not Drawers.

One of the last underclothes to re-do: drawers.
My old ones were just basic drawstring drawers, here are a few things wrong with them
(at least in my eyes..)
All those gathers under a corset, after a long day gets REALLY uncomfortable.
Sometimes the drawstring comes loose...*cough* once again rather *cough* uncomfortable..
there are a few other things that I won't get into here...

Thankfully on this project I actually had a pattern that I could use!
Buckaroo Bobbins drawer and corset cover pattern.

I made three pairs.

Tucks at the button of each leg.
I don't really like lace on my underclothing so I usually keep them pretty simple.

Simple button closure.
(No plastic buttons.)

Happy Sewing~