Thursday, June 30, 2011

Civil War.

One of the things on my "to-do" list was to finish a civil war dress that I had started last year.
All I had to do was to finish the bodice.

This year has been a rather strange one to say the least. One of my brothers got married this last weekend(more on that later.)
Our dog, Peanut had a stroke.
my Dads job has been a bit spotty...
And just life in general.
Usually around this time for the past nine years (that's right, 9!) we would be getting ready for our first reenactment for the year, Willamette mission. this year we are unable to go:(
So last week when I was working on my dress I had little motivation other then just getting it done and of the list.

I am rather pleased with how it came out. there are LOTS of mistakes but I really don't care.
I have not made the collar for it yet, But it Will have one.

my sewing machine can not do button holes any more so I was faced with two options, them ALL by hand.... #2. ask my Mom if she would be willing to sew them on her machine.
My Mom is amazing :) she did them for me!

I wish I could wear it this weekend, but I am looking forward to when I CAN wear it!!!!
Happy Reenacting~

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Falling leaves.

Finished yet another project!
A wall hanging I started last fall.

The fabric is water mark silk? I'm really not sure.
I got it when our Joann's store was moving and there home-dec' was 70% off.
I had the top quilted, so all I had to do was buy black for the binding.
speaking of "buying", this last week you might be thinking
 "good grief, Kacie you sure are finishing a lot of projects!"
 I had gotten to a point on ALL of my projects to where I COULD NOT continue until I bought SOMETHING!!
So, when I was able to go to the store and get all that I needed,
 I was able to finish about 2 or 3 projects a day!
which means that I only have a few things left on my list to do, then I can start NEW projects!!!
Happy Wall-hanging~

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lace won the Race.

If you remember, I was working on a knitted shawl for my brothers wedding.

I had it to where all I needed to do was block it.

This last week when I came home from work
 my dad surprised me with the blocking frame he said he would make for me!

So my project for that afternoon was to nail in nails every inch, into the frame.

Then I had to wash the shawl.
The lovely shade of green the water took after washing the shawl in cold water..

The REALLY scary part!
I haven't really ever blocked before, and the little I have done is just pinning the item to the ironing board with a an exorbitant amount of pins.
So it was rather frighting taking this piece of knitting that took me months of diligently knitting and STRETCHING it beyond recognition.

The blocking frame was a little to long, but I would rather have it to long then to SHORT!!!!
I was able to figure out a good way to fix my conundrum

:) thank you Pops!

The shawl in the blocking frame

After blocking.

I love the pointy edge:)

The way that this yarn blocks isn't as wonderful as I thought it would be.
The edges kinda curl under, but it does have a nice texture to it.
My brothers wedding is this week and the weather "people" say it's going to be around 80 degrees out side, 
so I'm not sure if I will be wearing this or not but I got it done just in case!
Happy blocking~

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blue Birds.

A project that I started last year I have finally finished!
A baby quilt,


9" blocks of white on white fabric with blue birds appliqued in different shades of blue.
one of my inspirations was the Glenn Miller song ( there'll be blue birds over) the white cliffs of Dover.
I had most of the blocks done. I only needed to make one more, then put the top together.
here's a tip for ya!
If you only have scraps of batting and you don't want to have to go and buy more,
Sew the piece's together!

It looks a bit like something you would see in a Tim Burton film, but hey, it works. plus it's free!
( Don't sew it on the machine, over lap the batting about 1/2" and use LONG running stitches)

The quilt sandwich


This quilt is not quilted but tied. it gives a nice comforter feel to it.


the finished quilt!
the finished size is 36x45 perfect crib size.
My Mom is pretty awesome, she made my quilt label for me :)

This quilt is for sale, so if you REALLY, REALLY like it, you can buy it!
( I don't have a price on it yet but if you are interested in buying it, message me we can haggle a bit.)
Happy Quilting~

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It has been almost two month's since I started my map embroidery,
And I am done with the top!!!!!!!!!!

I used four different colors
Black(for words) Dark Grey(for mountains/hills) Green(for tree/swamp) Blue(water)
(DMC color # Grey-3799, Blue-3750, Green-3362, and black.)
I haven't washed the blue ink out yet but I will be doing that this afternoon.
NOW, I need you're help!!!!!
I am not sure on how I want to go about finishing it.
do I want to Quilt it or not? and if I do Quilt it, how?
I don't want the Quilting to overpower the Embroidery.
So I need you're advise! what should I do?!?!
Happy Embroidering~
(really, I need you're help!!! so, leave a comment!)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Friendship Quilt

Hurray! I am finishing projects that are on my list!
It always feels SO good to be able to cross off projects with a sharpie :)
One thing that I was able to finish last week was a project that I started a few years ago.
A Friendship Quilt for my doll.
I had every one I knew that had a doll like mine, make a squire  for the quilt with the name of there doll on it.

I love how each one is completely different! they each have there own personality. much like the dolls(ladies) do!
It took me an afternoon to sew the top and sandwich the layers together.

I used cotton bating and plain muslin for the back.

It took me another two days of quilting

The finished Quilt measures 23x20"
perfect Doll size :)
I want to Thank every one who made a block for this Quilt.
You all did such a beautiful job!
I hope you all are having a lovely day!
Happy Quilting~

Thursday, June 2, 2011

nobody minds anything at a wedding, unlike a funeral, wot,wot?!

For many months I have had a will guarded secret.
You all now my doll (if you have been reading my blog, you should now her...)
I have always thought it would be REALLY cool if I had a guy Doll to sew clothes for.
So I got onto eBay to see if I could find one for sale.
And I did!....for over $1.000....
Lets just say I don't have that kind of money just laying around...
So, I decided to make one!
And, if, I have a "man" doll living under the same roof as Ophelia they would need to get married.
So they where!
I invited some friends that also have porcelain dolls over to help celebrate.

I hand wrote and painted each one of the invitations

And the dolls had to have invitations to!

The day of the party!

The "wonderful" weather we had...
(yes. that is hale.)

The Man himself.
He is made from super Sculpey. The box said it is a ceramic-like sculpturing compound.
It has a skin tone coloring to it. When he came out of firing he was rather dark then what I had wanted. Since Ophelia is so pale. 
 I started to think of reasons for why he would be so dark.
Ophelia is French. So I wanted him to be french to. Okay, so that means that he can be from south France.
But this still doesn't explain why he just looks so dark.
so naturally I NEW he would have to be a sailor! not just any sailor, but a captain.
So now, introducing to you,
Captain Sebastian Lafayette

The happy couple

The bride
( In a white silk dress)(yes, REAL silk!)

All the lovely Dolls that where able to come :)

Every one who came was just so very pretty!
I had all the girls who came dress in what ever era that they wanted
 and one of my friends dressed up in the 1840's.
she had the most awesome hair EVER!

It was such a fun day!
And I am so glad that the Captain and Ophelia are now respectable again :)
Happy Celebrating~