Saturday, December 29, 2012

Here's to the Holidays!

Well, it's about time I posted what I made for Christmas.
Don't you think?
I made a tiny sweater for my Nana. And I mean tiny! It is the smallest I have ever made.
I am so happy with how it turned out!

For my Mother I made a pair of wool fingerless gloves that she can wear reenacting.
( or even just when her hands are cold :) )

For my future sister I made an amazing helmet hat that evokes the roaring 20's.
( It looks so much cuter on her..! )

For my sister the School teacher I made some curtains for her class room.

I love how the fabric looks like tiny little pendents flapping in the breeze.

Now moving on to what I made for friends

Some deliciously difficult cabled tams.

Fingerless gloves that could keep a yeti's hands toasty.

And Buttons!!!!

1/2 inch big. Fifteen minutes apiece to make.
Tedious, but, oh so fun to make!

I also made a new Scarf for my Brother. A hat for my Dad, And a pair of silhouettes for my Brother and future Sister. All of which I forgot to take photos of when they where still in my position....
Eh, What are you gonna do?

I also made for my Cousin's ( who just had a beautiful little girl )~~~

A little red hood, and

A baby girl hedge-pig!
I can't tell you how much fun I had making these cute little things!
Oh, how I long to be an Auntie!
Someday Kacie, someday...

Hope you had a snowy and super Christmas!

Happy Holidays~

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pots, pans and a little bit of shiny.

WELL! It is that time of year again folks!!
The time where you start getting the hats and scarves out of moth-balls, drinking tea by the gallon, and having cozy evenings with the fam.
Not to mention- KNITTING!!!

I finally got the inspiration for finishing a few things that I have been putting off...
First- I finally made Sam's cookware.

They are crochet
with Black bedspread-weight cotton crochet thread.

After crocheting them I starched the heck out of them.

( Yes, that IS an aluminum foil fire:) )

My Mother pointed out the fact that if these where really cast iron pots.
They would not be hanging on only one side of his pack...
As true as this is, I just think it looks much cooler having them on the one side.
Plus this is Middle Earth right?
The same rules don't apply there as they do here...Right? 

I also made his elven rope.

once again, Crochet, with cream crochet thread.

I also made both Sam and Frodo bed rolls.
I just haven't taken a picture of them yet...
And finally. It is rather sad how long it has taken me to make Gandalf's silver scarf...

It is knitted in seed st. out of silver DMC.


Now that I have finished a few more things it is about time I start a new character...
I wonder who will be next?
Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah..*cough* :)

I am unsure of how often I will be able to post.
As I have started to work on Christmas presents..which I can not tell you about or show you till January...
Happy Knitting~

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

To answer the question.

Before Ft. Stevens, my last post had been about My 1863 coat project.

After receiving some very good comments
( Thank you every one who left one! )
I decided that I would go the authentic rout and have the hood to the coat detached.
Once I had come this conclusion, it was time to finalize my design.

The fabric that I found online.
100% Wool for $6.99 a yard!
It is a great Red/Brown color.
I got 5 1/2 yards, 58'' wide.

I decided that I would be using Dorset buttons for the closure.
I had learned how to make them before Willamette
( That new brown dress with the buttons down the front.
Yeah, thous are ALL hand made Dorset buttons...)

I have always wanted to use for on one of my projects.
So when I found rabbit fur pelts at Joann's on clearance for about $5.95 APIECE!!
I knew I would finally be able to have mmmfurmmm.

I got this flannel wonderful flannel for freeeeee earlier this year.
I had JUST enough for my coat!

You can find patterns for 1860's traveling coats but,
I'm cheap and decided that once again I could just make my own pattern.
( This is turning into a habit... )
Here is the pile of all my pieces cut out and ready to go.

And here is the finished product.
Basically this is a cape with sleeves.
Coat sleeves in fact.
Four Dorset button closure, two pockets, jewel neckline, quilted hem.
And that is the coat in a nut shell.
( The quilted hem did not turn out as awesome as I thought it would. It would have been better if I had used a contrasting color instead of a thread that matched. So in the end it just makes the hem look crinkly, but I know that there is a beautiful paisly quilted hem that compliments the lining... )

The great colorful flannel lining

Now, as I made the hood removable I wanted there to be a fur collar as well as having fur around the hood.
I found that the hood would not fit properly with a collar though.
So to solve this problem I made the collar removable.

It attaches to the coat with glass buttons.

It only takes a few seconds and I can just pot the collar on and off.


Here is the coat with a puffy skirt underneath.

It is rather large.. and makes me look as though I might be pregnant but it is SO warm and comfortable that I really don't care!

Now for the hood.
Here is the down.

Here it is up.
Unfortunately the fur makes the hood opening a little wonky but I can kind fix that.

And here is the hood AND the coat together.
I am so glad that I had this coat at McIver!
I had a really bad cold the week of McIver and was not fully recuperated by the weekend. It was very cold and wet during the mornings. walking to the bathroom through knee high WET grass was not as bad as it could have been with the warm embrace of this coat around me.

If you ever see me wearing my coat and I have nothing better to do.
You might see me doing this.

What am I doing you may be asking yourself?
Why I am playing with the spinny thingy that I made
( I am sorry I can't remember what they are called...)
On one side it is a ship on a sunny day.
Everything honky-dory

The other side...
Is a steep drop off.

When you hold on to the strings and twist, the two picture blend together, forming one picture
I wish I could capture it on photo.
but alas, I can't.

I always keep it in the left hand pocket of my coat.

I am so very happy with how my coat came out!
So much better having sleeves then constantly fight a cape flipping here and flapping there.
I am thinking I might just wear it around this winter I love it so much!
( Plus it seems a shame to only wear it a few times a year when it is a good $40something coat! )

Happy Warmth~

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The S-murrrr

Don't worry, after this post it is back to good old fashioned craft-y posts.
But before going into in depth sewing or knitting posts.
 I want to show you that I was not completely idle this summer.
Are you ready? This is a long post!
OK, here we go!

In late June my brother, his Girlfriend and I went to the Air and Space Museum in Mcminnville OR.
It was a blast!

One of my all time favorite planes- Corsair

The sheer magnitude of the "spruce Goose" just can't be captured on camera!

One of the most awesome uses for zippers...Ever...

                                           A Piper cub, the type of airplane my Papa used to fly.

                                                                Marveling at the Goose.

In the Space hanger.

This photo was not posed, they are just that dang cute!

There are few words that express how amazing it was to see all that history!
I will definitely go there again!

After going through the museum we had to go up and get some photos with the tanks!

We had a lot of fun on them!...Till I found this sign..
I felt really bad, the sign even said please!
We came to the conclusion that if they REALLY didn't want us on the tanks they would have put the sign up front... I still feel really bad for braking the rules...
( Yes I am THAT much of a stick in the mud..)

The morning we left.

Our set up.

                                                                         Dads workshop.

Dad and I Saturday morning.
( Yes that is a new dress. )
It poured on Saturday.

Dev and Mal came for the day.

Some of our very good friends.

Sunday after it "dried" out a bit we had a croquette game.
I came in dead last. They even let me cheat just so I could finish.
It was a hoot!

My Dad is awesome.
over the winter he made a Velocipede ( A.K.A. wooden bicycle )

He has had a lot of fun riding around at the events this year.

Where could we be driving?

That's where!

Dad, Mom, Dev, Mal, and I all went up to Wallowa lake for a week.

It is so beautiful up there!

Our Home-away-from-Home.

There was Lots of this---

And some of this---

We went up the tram on one day.

It made you feel like a bird to be so high up and able to see so much!


My Brother and Sister where unable to go camping with us so on our way home we swung by for a visit.
As always it was great to spend time with them!


At This event Dev and Mal where able to camp with us.
We had quite the little compound...
One wall tent, two flies, three A tents.

We had our annual fireman's funeral march.

As you can see I am not in full mourning.
Let's just say that "Uncle Sylvester" was not my favorite uncle... :)

Mom and I.

Peanut Being Peanut...

Yes that right! we where able to go to THREE events this year!!!
We have been unable to go to more then one event a year for the past FOUR years!!!
It was a great, if not extremely stressful summer!
( Didn't really get any photos at McIver, Sorry )
If you haven't noticed another thing I did this summer is let my hair grow.
We will see how long I can go!

And that is my Summer in a nut shell!
As sad as I am to say good-bye to the reenacting season. I am ready for fall!
For you know what that means! KNITTING!

Happy Seasons~