Thursday, December 29, 2011


It is finally time that I can start showing you what I have been doing for the past four months!
This year, instead of trying to guess what every body would like I just asked them
' if I where to knit you something, what would you want?'
And you know what? it worked great!!!
 My oldest brother told me that he wanted a sweater.. Okay.
I had him help pick out the pattern, then I picked out that yarn and kept it under wraps for four long months.
The pattern that he picked out was from  winter 2009/10 VogueKnitting
It is a beautiful pattern and I would advise it for anyone willing to take the time and have the patience for it!

The yarn that I picked out was Lion brand, fisherman's wool.
wonderful yarn! I used the dark brown. it has a wonderful feel to it and it it looks perfect for this pattern.
I had trouble finding buttons at Joann's that I liked enough so I went to juniper Fiber Works and found five beautiful horn buttons. granted they where $4 each, but it was well worth the cost!

I have to say that while knitting I never really had any major problems, but that being said, working on this thing and on my dads gift together nearly gave me an ulcer...
In the end everything worked out perfectly!

I have to say that on it's own it is a beautiful sweater, but lets face it, it's the guy inside that really makes it :)
I was so happy to knit my wonderful brother something that he will use and love.

I started this on Oct 27th and ended on Dec 12th.
I haven't tallied up my hours yet....
Happy knitting~

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Meet Lowell

My first Foxxy Commission!
During Thanksgiving my Auntie Carmen asked me if I would knit her a foxxy.
We picked the yarn out up in Portland.
And I have to say that it was the most wonderful yarn store I have ever been in...

the yarn is a blend of 67%Acrylic 14%wool, 10% polyester, 9% mohair
the color is called Smoke Ring.
they are the largest skeins of yarn I have ever seen.

Since the yarn was to thin on its own we decided that I would knit it with two strands at once.
it worked pretty well.

The Skeins where so large that for my work basket I used one of our laundry baskets!

I have to say, as much as I loved the yarn it was a pain working with it. mostly because I had to match the color gradations.
But in the end it looked pretty good, if I do say so my self.

He is, by far, the best one yet! I am so very pleased with how he came out!!!
It was one of the hardest times I have had giving up one of my children :(
But I am so happy that I was able to make him for my wonderful Auntie!

Meet Lowell the Fox.
This wise "Little Wolf" loves the deepest part of winter.
He knows many things, especially ow to please the ladies.
He's made of of tough stuff!
Wrap him around your neck and you'll have a friend for life.

I am now officially taking commissions,
so if you want a Foxxy for your very own,
just let me know!
Happy Knitting~

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and all that jazz

Merry Christmas!

being slightly mental+
tiny paper chain

one of the best Christmas gifts I have received would have to be Ophelia. My mother got her for me about five years ago. and I have enjoyed sewing for her and loving her as a sister made of porcelain.
this year I thought for her Birthday/Christmas I wouldn't make her a new dress, which is what I usually do(plus I just didn't have the time!)
I would do something different.
I gave her and her husband wedding rings.


I thought I would show you some of the things that I have made for in the past years

This is where her extensive wardrobe is housed. I would like someday to have a wooden box made for her but this has not happened as of yet...

Her box of odds and ends.
Hats, shoes, dish's and the such

Here is her most recent dress. you have probably already seen this in one of past posts.

Her gold dress

Her red corset

one of my more favorite costumes is her mazurka dancer dress.

The dress she came in,

This year she shall not be spending Christmas alone.
I have to say that they are very happy together.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tiny things, Lots of joy.

I wanted to show you what my Nana gave to me for my Birthday/Christmas present this year.

Her miniature collection.
I have enjoyed looking at these fun little things since I was a tiny thing my self.
I was absolutely gobsmacked when she handed me the box and I looked inside and saw what was hidden in the tissue paper depths.
It took me a few weeks to find a knickknack shelf at Goodwill but every time I went I would diligently look, and one day I found the prize that I was seeking!

here are just a few of my most favorite things in this lovely collection

The teeny, tiny mugs with my Nana and Papa's names on them

Three of the eleven thimbles. although I have to say that my favorite of these is the one that is a size 11 with leather and tape in it that my Great Grandmother used

The tiny tea things

And not to forget the loaf of bread, tiny hamburger, and slab of butter.

I get joy every time I look at these tiny treasures
Happy Miniaturing~

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Last year for Christmas one of the things that I "gave" to my Dad was a picture of a hat that I drew, with the intention of knitting one for him when I got the chance.
Last month my Dad brought to my attention that I still hadn't made it yet and he was wondering if that it would be this years gift...
*cough* I felt pretty bad about that, so I got some yarn and started knitting.
My Dad has a rather large noggin, so I made the pattern, knowing that if I where to use a pre-done pattern it wouldn't fit.

When My eldest brother saw the hat, he mentioned how much he liked it and so I thought I would knit one for him for his birthday.

The hat has become affectionately called the jelly hat by my Dad, and hipster hat by my brother.
I like the pattern 'cuz I can whip a hat out in just one day, yay for fast projects!
Happy Knitting~

Bee in your bonnet part 3. an over sight.

It has been brought to my attention that I didn't post a picture of my bonnet with my head in it.
So here you go.

Happy Hatting~

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Meet Russel

Meet Russel the Fox
This clever foxxy knows how to steal your heart with
his flirtatious personality.
Fall, is Rusty's favorite
time of year. but he enjoys
going out in all seasons.
wrap him around your neck and you'll have a freind for life!
I knitted this little fellow for a Christmas party exchange with my sewing circle.

He is made form 100% acrilic yarn.
Lion brand  Homespun.

I was sad to see him go but I know he went to a wonderful home!

Happy Knitting~

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Storming the Castle

I leave my pillow on the couch for two minutes, and this is what I find when I come back...
Sneaky, sneaky pug.

Once again I started a project that I was not intending to start...
At moments like this I always feel as though I where a gold fish...*head slamming against desk*
At Costco right now they have all the toys up for the upcoming onslaught of buy, buy, buy, AKA, Christmas.
I saw that they had a wooden, Castle, doll house. hmmmm..
 "what if I where to do that out of felt?"
And that is where it started.

The thing I love about being older,
 is that I can now make all the things I wanted to make when I was younger but I did not have the experience or patience.
Deciding on what to make the castle out of seem to be the easiest part. Felt, plastic canvas, and DMC.
The great thing about plastic canvas is that you can get it in circles as well...for what? you maybe asking,

Gray felt
three 6'' circ.
MENY sheets of plastic canvas.
a large amount of DMC.
that was my shopping list.

Starting with the turret first.
Most of the pics are pretty self explanatory if you ask me.
 But if you have questions. just let me know.

After finishing the floor's. I started on the outer wall of the turret.
same basic process

It took about two days to finish the top stitching.
once that was done, I sewed the bottom floor first then middle, and last, top.

And yes I do know that it is crooked. It has nothing to support the weight. I am hoping that when I get the walls on it will help.
I haven't gotten any more done on it, partially because after cutting out the floor's for the outer walls I ran out of plastic canvas, plus I have many other projects that NEED to be DONE by a certain date.this can wait.

I hope that this helps you if you are trying to make a felt castle! just remember-
take your time
have fun with it
and think of all the fun times ahead playing with it!
Happy Castle-ing