Thursday, July 21, 2011

One last thing.

My great Grandmothers sewing basket.
Beautiful, isn't it?
But what could it be containing in it's sunny yellow interior?
Why, the last project on my list ofcourse!!

My wedding ring quilt.
I have been working on it for a few years already

First I found the pattern online.(For free:))

then I cut out the pieces.
Piece A-1.744 piece B.R-436 piece B.L-436 piece D-99 piece C-218 piece E-436
3.369p pieces total.
it took awhile to cut out...
The fabric that I used was mostly from scraps that my Grandma gave to me a few years ago.
Some very bright and funky fabrics to say the least!

Then the next part was to sew pieces A-B.R-B.L together into
( I call them "half moons" but they could also be crescents.)

until I had 436

Now, the part that I am currently doing.
sewing piece C to the "half moons"

until I have 218

Then sewing piece E onto the "half moons"

Then sewing it together till it make an ellipse.

The next part would now be to sew the ellipses onto piece D

After making these, it would be time to start sewing the top together like so~

When I am done with this quilt I'm thinking that I will be very adapt with sewing curved lines.
did I mention that I am sewing this all buy hand?
since this project is more of a
 " Do while sitting in the evenings watching TV"
less of a
 "sit and sew by hand in the middle of the day" Project.
this means I can START NEW projects!!!
Mostly revolving around the American Civil War.
I am being hopeful that we will be able to go to at least one reenactment this year
(most likely false hope, but hope none the less..)
I hope this inspires you to start a quilt project of you're own!!!
Happy Quilting~

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun with Auntie Carmen

I have such a talented Family!
My Dads sister (Carmen) is a famous glass artist in Portland. she has shown with some of the top names in the business.


This is some of her work.
It's all from her last body of work.


Auntie Carmen is going to have a very large show at Traver Gallery in Seattle WA.
( She is showing right next to Lino Tagliapietra, one of THE worlds greatest glass blowers.)
Since she had quite a few crates that she needed to take up to WA, My Dad volunteered to take our trailer up to Portland and loud her stuff up then take it to Seattle for her.
And I decided that I would like to go to!


We left Monday Morning. we headed over hood. ( Blah, Driving over Hood. )

once you get into the MT.s though, WOW!
 I LOVE living here!

since all of her work for this show was all ready boxed up,
 I was only able to get pictures of pictures.
She does some pretty awesome stuff!
it's hard to tell from the pic's how amazing these really are!

Loading up

The Artist.

Tuesday morning leaving Portland.
I should have brought my rain boots...

Entering Seattle!!

I felt like such a yokel...

Downtown Seattle

The ally behind the Gallery

(This is not the Gallery building F.Y.I.)

Dad getting ready to unload

( this IS the gallery building. )

When ever I go into a gallery, antique shop, really anywhere that has expensive breakables. I always feel as though I am going to brush my purse, breath to heavily, or something to noke over these things that are worth a lot more then my life...
so far nothing has ever happened. but I'm waiting for that day when I can't control myself, and I have to touch something...
maybe I should get one of those arm restrains that they put on crazy people.
This is some of Lino's work.

And Yes, I did have permission to take photo's.

after we dropped of Auntie Carmen at the Gallery ,
My Dad and I went on a power tour of pikes market.
we didn't want to stay to long because we still had to drive ALL the way home still
and trying to drive through downtown Seattle during rush hour with a minivan+trailer didn't really sound like a fun time.

(had to get a cheesy photo)
driving home.

The Columbia


Over Hood again.

Driving between Madras and Redmond

It was a really good trip. long, but good!
I just wish we could have seen Auntie Carmen's art hung and been able to spend more time in Seattle.
oh, well. it's not the last time I will be able to go to Seattle.
Happy Road-tripping~

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Map of Middle Earth.



I decided that I would make a wall hanging out of it, framing it would cost a lot more money.

The fabric that I chose for the baking and "bating"

This is the backing, just plain old cotton.
The color of green matches the green DMC that I used for the embroidery.
and I love the floral pattern.

The "bating".
Cream colored felt. it is nice and wide to where I would have to have a seem down the middle.


I thought I had gotten photo's of putting it together but I guess I didn't....
Here it is, all put together!

The label.

And there you have it!!!
when I first had the idea to make this I thought it would take me a whole lot longer then what it did!
which makes me very happy, I almost thought that it was a bit to ambitious of a project.
I am already thinking of other large wall hangings that I would like to do :)
(some other day.)
Happy Mapping~