Wednesday, March 9, 2011

These boot's where made for walking.

I finally got around to buying boot yarn!

Cotton Classic 100% Mercerised cotton. color-Black.
Since the cotton is a little shiny it gives an almost leather look, which is what I was going for.
It was $6.25 for the skein. A bit much for what I got..
I am thinking that when I run out of it I might try and find some stuff that is a little cheaper.

I wanted the boots to have a cuff on them. So instead of knitting them separate then having to sew them on I purled the first 5 rounds. So when you fold the top over it would make a nice cuff.

here it is with the cuff rolled down

picking up the st. for the heel.

the finished boot's!

After sewing the boot's on I decided that I had sewn the boots on to low.
Making Gandalf's legs freakishly long...
So today I sewed them on higher. the picture above is before I resewed them on.
I wanted to share another book that I am using that is helping me greatly!

I got it at a used book store for just a few dollars.
and so far it has been a great buy!!!
I highly recommend getting this one! it has the history of knitting and lots of helpful tips

I also really love the illustrations!

I love this guy. He just looks so wise. If you where to ask him the meaning of life he would tell you-
"Knitting, my child"

haha, this one just makes me smile :)

I'm off to go work on Gandalf's cloak now, so.
Happy Knitting~

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