Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Paint on my hands.

Once again I'm showing you all, that I DO have other interest's other then knitting.
I have always enjoyed painting.
There's just something about mixing the colors and getting paint EVERYWHERE that helps me to relax and unwind if I'm really stressed.
Now for a little back history.
A few years ago my Mom got me a reproduction china head doll for Christmas.
through the years I have enjoyed sewing historic clothing for her.
This is her. Her name is Ophelia.

For a while now I have been wanting to paint her portrait, but I haven't been brave enough.
I decided that this needed to change.
So a few weeks ago I asked my Dad ( who is an amazing woodworker/master craftsman (he would be the last person to say so, but he is!!) ) if he would make me some wooden ovals to paint.
And being the awesome Dad that he is, he did!

you can almost see the pencil lines on the wood.
I started with the skin tone and miner shading.

then I moved onto her hair.

then I painted her dress. then...... the part that I had been dreading...
the facial features...BOOOOO
Even though I enjoy painting doesn't mean that I really know HOW to paint!
 I have always had trouble when it comes to painting people and there face's. But I had to try!

It's not perfect. But it's the best I could and ever well do!
I am very happy with how her mouth turned out though. It is usually where I have the most problems.
I am planing on painting another portrait of another doll that I have but I need another oval first.*coughDadcough*
I will have to post up some more photo's some time of all the dresses that I have made for Ophelia.
that's another day..
I don't think you can EVER grow out of playing with dolls!
Why let the little girls have all the fun?
Happy Painting~

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