Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Being Fearless

The other day I checked out this book for 2 reasons. #1. Because I loved the title.

I mean, Fearless knitting! how awesome is that?!?!
Even though it's really a book for beginner knitters. So to me it's really not that fearful of a book...
#2. Is because of this pattern.

"Plum Tree".
I have seen this pattern before when researching online and I have always wanted to try it. Now that I am working on a project like LOTR where some of the characters are from Gonder.... They, of course need the white tree emblem on there armor ( sweaters, what have you )!
So I made the square that is in the book to get the hang of the pattern.
( I would show you a picture, except for the fact that my camera won't take a picture of it...I tried, really I did!...)
once, having that completed I started sizing it down from CO 40 st. to CO 24 st.

Here is the finished sample ( Sized down )
It's not perfect, but it's a start.
And that is what I did yesterday.
Happy Cabling~

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