Saturday, March 5, 2011

Say it with me COWL. COWLLL. COWLLLLLL not cow.

My Mom always says, "you're going to knit a cow?!"
(Me)" yes, Mom. I'm going to knit a cow...."
One of the Girls in my Bible study has a birthday today. I had to think of something I could get ( or even better, MAKE ) her.
whats better then a nice warm cowl?
I had the yarn, and the time.
the yarn

you can't tell from the pic, but this is a rather large ball of yarn.
simply soft. color/ Bone. I had this yarn already in my larger-basket stash.
I like using simply soft. It's VERY soft and holds up well.
I used very large needle's ( I don't really know what size they are...)
and a very simple seed stitch pattern.
Here it is finished

When I sewed up the back seem I twisted it to give it some more added interest.

Side view.

I gathered the seem in the "back".
I say "back" because the gathers could be worn in front if wanted.
I love cowls. They are warm, trendy, and fast/easy to make.
Happy Knitting~

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  1. That's beautiful! I want to make one now, it looks so cozy.