Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hair, Hats and Hands.

I didn't have enough of the white fluffy mystery yarn for Gandalf's hair, so I had to bight the bullet and get a whole skein of it. The good side to this is I found out what it is!

Jiffy! 100% Acrylic. color-fisherman.

his hair, eyebrows and beard!


Here is the yarn that I found for Gandalf's Hat. Mystery yarn once again.
I'm pretty sure that it has wool in it though...

The crown of the Hat. I put a strip of seed st. in because I thought it needed a little visual interest.

Knitting the Brim...Just looking at this hat you would think that it would probably be rather easy, right?
HA, ya that's a joke. 
It was the most aggravating of what I have done so far.
My hands are still sore from this thing. Not to mention that I had to rip out and start over at least 3 times!!
But, good things come to those who wait..Right?

You see that little bit of yarn? that 1/4''?
Ya, that is all that's left of the yarn.
My Dad can tell you that it was rather intense around here when I was binding off...

before blocking.

After blocking.
It's a little wavy-er then I had wanted. But it gives it more character.
I had no idea how I would knit the hands with fingers. So I'm knitting them like mittens.

The finished hand.


Hands , Hat and Hair all together.

Here's the back, so far.
I love the little yellow patch on his butt...
I don't have the yarn for his boot's yet, so those are going to have to wait.
Happy Knitting~

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  1. Now that you have one almost done I cannot wait to see a group shot of all the characters down the road. You may have inspired me to even watch the movies or read the books. His sweater may be the cutest one ever knit. I love the cables.