Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gandalf the Grey.

Finally things are starting to come together!

Cascade Yarns, 100% Peruvian highland wool (color) Jet. Really nice yarn. I will use this brand again!
I had this yarn left over form a Christmas gift project last year. I thought it would be perfect for Gandalfs pants.

I made the pants a little short because he will have tall black boots on. So the legs will be about 2'' longer then what is pictured.
It took me an afternoon to knit. Really simple!
Then I decided that I would use that lovely 'Silky Wool' to make Gandalf a sweater to wear underneath his cloak.
The books never SAY that he wears a sweater. but I thought that since he is in the shape of an old man that travels ALOT, he would need something warm on underneath his cloak. Plus I'm also pulling inspiration from the idea that Tolkien wanted LOTR to be a sort of mythology for England. When I think of old English gentlemen, I always picture them wearing sweaters...why? I really don't know..

So, what type of sweater do I think Gandalf would wear?
Aran, of coures! Well, Aran inspired...
I have never done aran, and I have no patterns for it, so I just kind of winged it...
The pattern is just a simple cable,(p2), 2 wheatear ( that's what one of my books calls it..I don't know if that is really it's name.)side by side,(p2), simple cable.

The back.

Picking up st. for the neck.

Neck completed.

The sleeve's.

the Finished sweater!
I have never really knitted a sweater before, so I'm sure that how I knitted it is all wrong. but for all that it turned out really well! I am VERY happy with how well it all came out :)
It took me about two days to knit this.

there's that skeleton!
this is before I stuffed him.

sewing him up.
I used invisible thread. which, By the way, is some pretty awesome stuff!
that's all for now!
Happy Knitting~

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