Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I know, this isn't a food blog....

well, this has nothing to do with to knitting F.Y.I.
since Monday my dear Mother has been coming down with a rather bad cold and today she was quite ill :(
so, when that happens I become the mommy of the house. I take care of the dog, I make food for my Dad, so on,so tonight at around 4:30 I had NO clue what to fix for dinner. so I looked in the cook books, and I thought "whats better for some one to eat when they have a nasty cold then chicken noodle soup?"
I, being Gluten Free makes this rather an interesting meal to try and fix since I can't eat normal noodles. I got on the Internet and searched for recipes for noodles, and I found one for egg noodles.
so I made up a batch.
the completed soup.
and as quick as that, its all gone!!!
it was so very yummy! from 5:00 Pm. to 6:00pm I had made a completely home made chicken noodle soup (including making the noodles to boiling the chicken!)
like the title says, yes I do know that I didn't start a food blog but this was the first tme I had ever MADE noodles, and I had to share!!!
Happy Cooking AND eating!!~


  1. Hey, I like making pasta too. Who knew? I think it's okay if your blog is an everything blog :) you do so many interesting things.


  2. thanks! I think that I will start making a lot more pasta now that I now that it can taste SO good!