Monday, February 7, 2011

welcome Lord of the Rings/ Knitting junkys!

Hello my friends!
one day I had pure moment of inspiration. My Mother has a large bit of credit also. we where looking at a knitting book and saw a picture of a knitted spider and I said- " MOM! I could knit Shelob!!" (I, being an avid Lord of the rings fan) and she took it one step farther by saying- " well, why don't you knit some of the other characters to?".......
Where would I be without my amazing Mom?
So, I thought; well, if I'm going to knit characters from LOTR I should start a blog to share with people who are also knitters who enjoy the occasional LOTR fest! So here we are!
    I guess you could say I'm a closet fan....

here are a few books that I will be going of for inspiration-
Guide to Tolkien World
A Bestiary
it's amazing! if you ever wanted to know what a Huorn was, or if you want to know where wizerds come from, it tells you!

the Lord of the Rings books!
I am going to go off of the books not the movie. not that I don't love the movies! don't get me wrong. I just want the "dolls" to be as close to the books as I can get them.
here are some of my criteria for this adventure-
MUST be hand made!!!
the only material that I can us ( other then the stuffing...) must be yarn or thread of some kind.
pieces may be sewn together. I.E. clothing ext..
well, I think that does it for my first post!
happy knitting!


  1. Hi! This is so cool, I'm glad you have a blog now! I will be reading =D

  2. wHOOO hOOOO! I read the whole thing and cannot wait to see more! Happy knitting back,