Friday, February 25, 2011

A quick note on "pipe cleaners"

Chenille. French word for caterpillar.

I grew up calling them "Pipe cleaners'' so I never understood WHY they are called chenille stems!
then I looked up Chenille in my Dictionary of costume and fashion. Ya, okay I can see the fuzzy caterpillar thing, but it's still ingrained in my head that they are called PIPE CLEANERS!!!! SO from now on I will refer to them as pipe cleaners.

I know that I said that I would only use thread ( of any kind ) for this project ( plus stuffing... )
I forgot to say that I will also be using pipe cleaners. I want the figures to be opposable.
Plus the pipe cleaners give an added stiffness to the "Dolls"

Heres' the skeleton of Gandalf.
There you go, a Quick note on pipe Cleaners.
 happy knitting~

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