Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bee in your Bonnet, Part 2. Finishing.

My last post on my bonnet I left off when I had finished the base.
Today I will show you how I finished it!
First I had to decide what color I wanted my bonnet to be.
 I wanted it to be neutral, but I also wanted a color....
When I was at the fabric store looking at silk,(mmmsilkmmm) I found that the price of silk had gone up by about half since the last time I looked at it..I really didn't want to spend $20.00 on one yard of fabric..
so I started looking in the red tags(which happened to be HALF OFF the day I was looking!) and I found some silk for only $10.00 a yard!!! in a BEAUTIFUL color-

I call it river green. It reminds me of the rivers going over the pass.
It doesn't MATCH my dresses but it doesn't necessarily clash (In my opinion).
After finding my "green" fabric, next was to cut out the pieces.
making sure to Fray-check everything!

Since the base is made out of buckram it is a little hard to pin things to it,
so I found a way to keep the fabric right where you put it!
baste it on!

After sewing on the back piece next was sewing the body fabric to the back. To make it lay nicely this is how I shaped it.

based it on.
Then carefully sew on with "invisible" stitches. And Bob's your uncle!

After sewing the back, I next sewed around the brim. then sewed the lining in.
And that's about it!
Next...The part I have always hated. Decorating.
I know, I know, that should be my favorite part right?
well its not. I never know what looks good where and I worry about it far to much.
I did know that I wanted a simple bonnet. I didn't really want one that looked like it weighs ten pounds.
I had some 1 1/2" black velvet ribbon that I put along the crown.
I also new that I wanted cream lilacs on the sides. unfortunately for me, Joann's does not carry cream Lilacs...
So what do you do when you can't get the flower you really want? That's right, you make them yourself!
I picked up a remnant of cream silk (once again HALF OFF!!!) and went to town making flowers.

The pattern I made.

F.Y.I. I folded the fabric on the bias not horizontally.

Cut the tip off the bottom

Fray-check the edges.

make LOT'S and LOT'S.

I also picked up some floral wire and White floral tape.

Cover the wire with the tape.

Put a flower at the end of each wire, put the wire's together. and what do you get?
Cream Lilacs!

Here's a view of the back.

after making two bunchs of Lilacs I sewed them onto the sides of the bonnet.

Top view

I am really pleased with how it turned out!
Now I only have 8 months till I get to wear it.
I hope this helps or inspires you to make your own bonnet!
 They are easier then they look to put together!
Happy Hatting~


  1. So beautiful! I love the way you put the ribbon on! And those flowers... LOVELY!

    We want to see it on you! Pretty please?

    P.S. THANKS for the stitch marker! Do you want it back?

  2. I will get a photo of it on, as soon as I have a free afternoon!
    And as for the stitch marker..Keep it! I have meny, meny more if you need any! :)

  3. Wow it turned out so beautifully! And all those little flowers are amazing. Seriously you inspire me. :)