Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Artemis the Arctic Fox

Well... How do I start this post?
Well, lets just say that one night this last week I found a picture on Ravelry that inspired me to the utmost.
It was a pattern for a fake fox stole....if you are like me, your thinking-
The only problem was that the pattern was from a mag' from five years ago and I couldn't find it.
This got me down for about five seconds,
 till I realized that it couldn't be all that hard to knit a fake fox stole!!!
So, I got to work.
It took me about two days secretly working on Arty (Artemis) till the picture in my head came pouring out into reality.


The yarn I used was the left over of Gandalf's beard. Lion Brand Jiffy. color-fishermen.
 I didn't have enough of this for all of Arty, so I had to buy another skein.
And boy, I had JUST enough....

His eyes are antique Victorian buttons that I had gotten at a garage sale years ago.
And they are PERFECT!

He is nice and cozy when draped around the neck as he is knitted in the round
(which means he is double thickness.)

 And there you have it! a fake fox stole! on projects like this I like to keep under close wraps. I won't tell anyone what it is that I am making.
This bothers my Dad, he likes to know what things are :)
he came SOOO close to guessing what it was, to..
I have to give him some killer points for that.
I did write the pattern down so I don't think this is the last Foxxy you shall be seeing ;)
Happy Hunting~


  1. Wow, that's so cute! And I'm impressed by your knitting pattern making.

    p.s. i DO read your blog :)

  2. He is SO adorable! Instant love. :)