Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blocking Wires

It has been a while since I have been able to post....
It's not the I haven't been doing anything, it that I have NO time TO post up what I have been doing. plus, most of the things that I am working on are X-mas projects which means I can't really post them up till after said day...
having said that. there are a few things that I can post.
one of these things are my blocking wires.
For awhile now I have been wanting to get myself a set of blocking wires. I tried going to the yarn shops around town and found that no one carry's them! lame.
So then I went to the great Internet in hopes of finding what I wanted.
I found that blocking wires would set me back around 50-60 dollars.
*cough*I was almost at this level of wanting.
Till one morning at breakfast, I was talking to my Mother and Father about them when my Dad asked, " what are Blocking wires?"
so I went to google image search to show him. when he See's what they are he goes, "why, those are just music wires! you can get those at the hobby store in town."
...Thank... You... Dear... Father!!!
That day we went down to the local hobby store and I got 30 wires total, in three different sizes for just under $20!!!!


after getting my *heehee* blocking wires :) I had to clean the oil off, that they put on the wires. for this I went out to "Man Land" aka, my Dads shop.


the cleaning fluid that I used was a combo of  rubbing alcohol and dish soap.

get an old t-shirt for a rag put some cleaner on it and start rubbing!

All the crap that came off...
I don't think you would want this one your lovely knitting project that took you months to complete..

The three different sizes.

 Let me tell you they are so nice for blocking! I have used them and I love them! I would advise any knitter or crocheter to get a set!
such lovely straight lines and half the Tpins needed!

I hope that if you are looking for some blocking wires that this post will help you!
I would advise going into your local hobby shop to see what you can find!
Happy Wire cleaning~


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