Wednesday, April 27, 2011

There must be something wrong with me...

It's happened again...
I had another grand idea the other night.*heavy sigh*
One thing that I have never really enjoyed and yet keep "wanting" to do, is embroidery.
It's tedious, boring, and makes my hands hurt. I know, I know you're thinking right now- "But Kacie, all thous things all sound like all the things you do that you enjoy!?"
Maybe I secretly love it, I don't know..
My idea is this-
Why not Embroider the map of middle earth as a wall hanging.
yup, I just said that.
First, I started with the book.

copyed the pictures of the map

went to another copy store and had them blow it up for me to the size that I wanted.

The fabric that I am using is a 100%cotton in natural color

I made a large light-box out of our class top end table...and a light bulb underneath...
for future reference, don't put a light bulb that is lite lay on the floor....
It WILL burn a hole in your caret.....

I used a water soluble pen for marking the map.
so if I spill water on this thing.. I will be rather upset.

I'm going to use my baby beast hoop. (the larger one is just "The beast")

And so it begins.

Already this project has burned a hole in my carpet, shorted out my lantern light, run out of ink when I had only a little more to mark and made me yell a little to much. but am I going to put it in my closet and hope that it just disappears? no, I am going to work on it and it IS going to be awesome!!!
"Happy" Embroidering~
slightly crazy Kacie


  1. OH MY GOSH. This is genius! How awesome would that be in a home library beside bookcases of old books? So inspired right now....

  2. That's going to be so great!! Can't wait to see it all finished.


  3. I cannot wait to see the finished product!! Just keep going!! :)