Tuesday, April 19, 2011

History anyone?

We got a new computer! yeah!!!
 it's so very Nice to have a nice computer again.

Now is anyone ready for a little History?
I love the American civil war. I love it so much that I reenact it.
 I dress up in 12 layers of cotton on 100+ degree weather and have a blast doing it!
One of our ( by "our" I mean my perents and I) favorite reenactments to go to is during the 4th of July. many of us Ladies enjoy wearing very patriotic clothing on the 4th, so a year or two ago I decided that I wanted to make a patriotic apron.
I was rather ambitious.....
First I got online and found list's of names of the solders who died during Gettysburg. I thought I would embroider them onto the apron..I embroidered about 2 names and found that if I where to do that I wouldn't be done till I was 75 years old. So I got out a fine tip permanent pen and wrote them instead.
And yes that is historical! they wrote in ink, on fabric.

the bottom ( if you can't read it) says "LEST WE FORGET"

hope this inspires you to be patriotic!
happy Reenacting~

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  1. Reenacting is so much more fun when your family is there and when it is below 80.