Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Here's an update on Frodo!
I found the most PERFECT hair for Frodo!
Sensations, Beautiful. color-brown.
49%acrylic, 51%nylon
It's SUPER soft! when I was winding it, it looked like a huge pile of hair on my floor. kinda nasty, but at the same time, perfect!!!

Then I got some yarn for his shirt. ultra Alpaca-light-color-Cream.
50% super fine alpaca 50% Peruvian wool.
It's the same brand as the yarn for his pants but I'm pretty sure that it is not as fine.

After working on his sweater and pants I knew that the next thing that I needed to do was work on his feet. I didn't want them to be just like socks and have no shape, so I did a few inc' and a few dec'.
( I used the same yarn as the head and hands. )

to show how Small he is. plus, you can kinda see the hair on his feet :)
Beginning to sew on the hair.

After sewing on his face.
you can also see his mithril shirt pecking out from behind his sweater and white shirt :)

The back of his head.

Now all I need to do is to make his hands, Elvin-cloak, and rucksack, oh, and Sting!
Happy knitting~

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