Sunday, May 1, 2011

Miss Frizzle.

I don't know about you but when I was "younger" I watched 'the magic school bus'.
I always thought that Miss Frizzle was the coolest ever.
lets face it, she had amazing fashion sense.

For every lesson, her out-fit would reflect what the lesson would be about.
the other day I was at the fabric store looking through the red tag clearance (which was half off!!!)
I found this fabric

Yup, thous ARE clocks!
it was only $4 a yard. half off. $2 a yard!!! so I got four yards.
I knew that I HAD to make a dress out of it.
It was only after I started sewing the dress that I realized that it was so a miss Frizzle dress!
I was pretty stoked about that..

It has pin tucks down the front, and a waistband that where not in the pattern
(oh, and the sleeve's weren't the ones that came with the pattern),
but I thought the dress needed them.
I was so happy 'cuz I didn't have to rip anything out while sewing it
 and it fit well with out having to do to much altering!
all-in-all it only cost me around $10!

And there you have it! a Miss Frizzle dress!
Happy Sewing~

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