Monday, October 15, 2012

Pots, pans and a little bit of shiny.

WELL! It is that time of year again folks!!
The time where you start getting the hats and scarves out of moth-balls, drinking tea by the gallon, and having cozy evenings with the fam.
Not to mention- KNITTING!!!

I finally got the inspiration for finishing a few things that I have been putting off...
First- I finally made Sam's cookware.

They are crochet
with Black bedspread-weight cotton crochet thread.

After crocheting them I starched the heck out of them.

( Yes, that IS an aluminum foil fire:) )

My Mother pointed out the fact that if these where really cast iron pots.
They would not be hanging on only one side of his pack...
As true as this is, I just think it looks much cooler having them on the one side.
Plus this is Middle Earth right?
The same rules don't apply there as they do here...Right? 

I also made his elven rope.

once again, Crochet, with cream crochet thread.

I also made both Sam and Frodo bed rolls.
I just haven't taken a picture of them yet...
And finally. It is rather sad how long it has taken me to make Gandalf's silver scarf...

It is knitted in seed st. out of silver DMC.


Now that I have finished a few more things it is about time I start a new character...
I wonder who will be next?
Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah..*cough* :)

I am unsure of how often I will be able to post.
As I have started to work on Christmas presents..which I can not tell you about or show you till January...
Happy Knitting~


  1. Love the accessories! Make Gimli next please. :)
    Or maybe Legolas because I want to see the pointy ears!!!


  2. Ah! So cute! Sam just looks so lovable! Just like he is in the book! I love his pots and pans and elvin rope! and his felted hat! Ok... I love the whole thing. =]

    xo Marguerite