Saturday, December 29, 2012

Here's to the Holidays!

Well, it's about time I posted what I made for Christmas.
Don't you think?
I made a tiny sweater for my Nana. And I mean tiny! It is the smallest I have ever made.
I am so happy with how it turned out!

For my Mother I made a pair of wool fingerless gloves that she can wear reenacting.
( or even just when her hands are cold :) )

For my future sister I made an amazing helmet hat that evokes the roaring 20's.
( It looks so much cuter on her..! )

For my sister the School teacher I made some curtains for her class room.

I love how the fabric looks like tiny little pendents flapping in the breeze.

Now moving on to what I made for friends

Some deliciously difficult cabled tams.

Fingerless gloves that could keep a yeti's hands toasty.

And Buttons!!!!

1/2 inch big. Fifteen minutes apiece to make.
Tedious, but, oh so fun to make!

I also made a new Scarf for my Brother. A hat for my Dad, And a pair of silhouettes for my Brother and future Sister. All of which I forgot to take photos of when they where still in my position....
Eh, What are you gonna do?

I also made for my Cousin's ( who just had a beautiful little girl )~~~

A little red hood, and

A baby girl hedge-pig!
I can't tell you how much fun I had making these cute little things!
Oh, how I long to be an Auntie!
Someday Kacie, someday...

Hope you had a snowy and super Christmas!

Happy Holidays~


  1. Oh my Gosh i love the hedgehog.

  2. These are SO beautiful Kacie! Thank you again for the beautiful tam! I wore it to town the other day and just LOVED it! It fits perfectly.

    The buttons are amazing! And I love your hedgie! I made one for Daisy for Christmas! Great minds think alike...

    Merry Christmas!