Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The S-murrrr

Don't worry, after this post it is back to good old fashioned craft-y posts.
But before going into in depth sewing or knitting posts.
 I want to show you that I was not completely idle this summer.
Are you ready? This is a long post!
OK, here we go!

In late June my brother, his Girlfriend and I went to the Air and Space Museum in Mcminnville OR.
It was a blast!

One of my all time favorite planes- Corsair

The sheer magnitude of the "spruce Goose" just can't be captured on camera!

One of the most awesome uses for zippers...Ever...

                                           A Piper cub, the type of airplane my Papa used to fly.

                                                                Marveling at the Goose.

In the Space hanger.

This photo was not posed, they are just that dang cute!

There are few words that express how amazing it was to see all that history!
I will definitely go there again!

After going through the museum we had to go up and get some photos with the tanks!

We had a lot of fun on them!...Till I found this sign..
I felt really bad, the sign even said please!
We came to the conclusion that if they REALLY didn't want us on the tanks they would have put the sign up front... I still feel really bad for braking the rules...
( Yes I am THAT much of a stick in the mud..)

The morning we left.

Our set up.

                                                                         Dads workshop.

Dad and I Saturday morning.
( Yes that is a new dress. )
It poured on Saturday.

Dev and Mal came for the day.

Some of our very good friends.

Sunday after it "dried" out a bit we had a croquette game.
I came in dead last. They even let me cheat just so I could finish.
It was a hoot!

My Dad is awesome.
over the winter he made a Velocipede ( A.K.A. wooden bicycle )

He has had a lot of fun riding around at the events this year.

Where could we be driving?

That's where!

Dad, Mom, Dev, Mal, and I all went up to Wallowa lake for a week.

It is so beautiful up there!

Our Home-away-from-Home.

There was Lots of this---

And some of this---

We went up the tram on one day.

It made you feel like a bird to be so high up and able to see so much!


My Brother and Sister where unable to go camping with us so on our way home we swung by for a visit.
As always it was great to spend time with them!


At This event Dev and Mal where able to camp with us.
We had quite the little compound...
One wall tent, two flies, three A tents.

We had our annual fireman's funeral march.

As you can see I am not in full mourning.
Let's just say that "Uncle Sylvester" was not my favorite uncle... :)

Mom and I.

Peanut Being Peanut...

Yes that right! we where able to go to THREE events this year!!!
We have been unable to go to more then one event a year for the past FOUR years!!!
It was a great, if not extremely stressful summer!
( Didn't really get any photos at McIver, Sorry )
If you haven't noticed another thing I did this summer is let my hair grow.
We will see how long I can go!

And that is my Summer in a nut shell!
As sad as I am to say good-bye to the reenacting season. I am ready for fall!
For you know what that means! KNITTING!

Happy Seasons~


  1. Fabulous post! LOVE all the pictures. Looks like you all had tons of fun!

    Your new dress is stunning and I love your croquette dress!

    The Air museum looks so fun!

  2. Fun, fun, fun.
    You guys are so much fun. We missed reenacting with you!
    The picture of your Dad on his velocipede is STUPENDOUS! So cool! Does it just use man power and gravity? or are there some type of pedals?
    You are your Mom look so pretty in your new dresses!... and your old ones. =]

    Happy summer! Happy Autumn!
    =] Marguerite