Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Time flys when you'r having fun.

Today. My friends is my one year Blogging anniversary.
This day last year was my first post.
Where did the year go??

Well, in honor of the day I have decided to post about one of the things that I have been working on for a few weeks.
First- for the past couple of months I have been working through the LOTR trilogy for about the 3rd time. This time was a little different then in the past.
This time I was able to read all three books one right after the other. Unlike the last few times when I got bored round about Shelob's lair.
I also put a sticky note every time there was a reference to the appearance of any of the character.

It took awhile but it was well worth it! I out down all the page numbers and now when I want to know what one of the characters looks like I can just look it up!

So, after completing all of my notes I decided that it was high time that I started knitting LOTR again.
starting with my favorite character, Sam.
I love Sam. With out him, Fordo would never had made it to the end.
I wanted to get the tedious bits out of the ways first so I started with head legs and hands.


Again, feet.

He's head. He is a little bit more chubby then Frodo, just thought I would mention that, :)

I am having lots of fun working on this project after not working on it for a few months.
More LOTR knitting to come.
I just want to thank you for reading and following me through this crazy journey, Keep reading, keep commenting, and keep challenging your own creativity.
 Happy Anniversary~


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  1. I started doing that with the Hobbit! I was writing down what each character wore, it's funny even just doing that helps me stop and think about what their wearing and I get a little better picture in my head while I'm reading.
    Sam is my favorite too!! Oh...I can't wait to see him all finished! You're amazing!