Friday, February 17, 2012

Seeing double!

For Christmas My Dad got me a gift card to Juniper fiber works.
I decided that it would go towerds the purches of yarn for Sam.
I got five skiens of Jamison wool.
itchy, but wonderful to work with, plus it comes in BEUATIFUL colors!

Here are Sam's pants. Showing that he IS fatter and, shorter then Frodo.

I had a lot of fun with Sam's sweater, I may have over thought it a bit, but that's ok :)
There are two cables representing Frodo and Sam, they form two rings that intertwine with one another, representing that they both carried the rings and there fate was intertwined.
 ( I told you I over thought it...)
plus the color is umber, because Sam never really gives up hope and always stays true.

Each of the sleeves has a cable and ring.

Seeming the sleeve seems.

The sweater complet.
I LOVE making mini sweaters, when ever I finish one I always feel like making a whole lot for Christmas tree decorations or something.

His pants, again.
 I love the yarn! it's not just brown, it has specks of red and green on a backround of...Brown? Burgandy? who knows.

Now, in the book it describs Sam as having a felted sack like, hat.
I knew I wanted him to have it but I had never felted any of my knitting befor. I have wanted to, just never got the right chance. Thankfully the Jamisons yarn Felts wonderfuly.
The "hat" befor felting.

The hat after felting.
                                 I did end up making it to big so I had to take seem in the back.
The great thing about felting is that you can cut it! yay for cutting!....

                                                 I just tacked the top for that "sack like" shape.

Moving onto his elven cloak.
 I had to make it a bit bigger then Frodo's. Sam is after all a fat Hobbit.

Both the Hobbits together!
                                              It's so exciting to see them both together finnaly!!!

Working on Sam's Ruck-sack.

And there you have an udate on Sam.
More to follow, it maybe after a few other post's but there will be more updates!
Happy Knitting~


  1. Oh my goodness! I love him! He's my favorite Lord of the Rings character and I love all the thought and detail you put into him! His bag and hat so perfect!

  2. He's a Fat Hobbit after all. :) You're funny.

    Oh my , he is turning out so perfect! The sweater is wonderful and I love the felted hat!!