Thursday, February 16, 2012

Drafting, Drifting, and The dangers/pleasures of Pattern writing.

One of the things on my Civil war list is to update all my underclothes.
Most of the ones that I currently use, I have had for up to 7 years..
So to say the least, I have out grown, worn out, or become ashamed of most if not all my under-garments.
(ashamed by the fact that some of them have...Plastic buttons... I know, I blush at the fact now.)
So a few weeks ago I decided to start on my chemise's.
The ones that I have had in the past where the Simplicity off the shoulder ones. they are period currect, but that doesn't mean I like them, I never wore them off the shoulder and they always seemed to be VERY uncomfertable. How ever, I have one chemise that I do like. It had once been a night gown that a friend had given to me with the hopes of being of some use, and it fulfilled that destiny!
It was more of a yoke style, and I found that I really liked that! I liked the fact that it was not gathered around the shoulders but still had the fullness at the *blush* bust.

Having no pattern for this style of pattern. I decided to practice my drafting skills.
First I made the preliminary pattern that had the basic shape of what I wanted.

For Christmas my Mom got me the Costco pack of Sharpie's and I have to say that having almost every color under the sun in sharpie really comes in handy when drafting!
after tracing the prelim' pattern on more paper, using a differint color to reshap as needed. this way you always know which color to cut on...

Finnaly after about two days of tracing, reshaping, cutting, crumpling enough paper to make a juvenile T-rex from paper mache', I finnaly had my finnal pattern.

(this is the front)

I have to say this was a rather fun challeng!
after getting used to drafting I really started wanting to do even more pattern writing, ( which is a good thing because I have meny things that I need to make that I don't have a pattern for... )
here is the finnal product!

I found some Glass buttons at a local bead shop, no more plastic buttons for this girl!

I made one with sleeves and two with out.

I hope this helps you in any way!
when faced with a problem like drafting patterns or even just altering, remember,
you have brains, pieces of paper don't.
Happy Drafting~


  1. I feel ashamed to have camped next to a girl with plastic buttons. Oh the indignity. :)

  2. It turned out awesome! And looks so comfy! I love the crisp whiteness of underpinnings! ♥ Anna