Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hipster/Jelly head hat pattern.

I had mentioned that I would post the pattern for the hat that I made for my Dad and my Brother. Well, I'm finally posting it.
If you have any questions, Just leave a comment and I will answer as best I can!

Jelly Head.
By~ Kacie.

( This pattern is sized to fit a LARGE head... at end of pattern I will explain how to make smaller for average sized head.)

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Yarn- Wool-Ease Thick and Quick. or any super bulky yarn.
Needles- Size 11 dpn's, one size 11 16'' circ needle, yarn needle(for weaving in ends)

With dpn's, CO 12 st.

1. pm, Knit.

2. K1, K F&B.( K F&B is a type of increase, if you are unfamiliar with this type of increase, then just increase one st. using favorite increase method.) repeat till end.

3. K2. K F&B, repeat till end.

4. Knit.

5. K3, K F&B, repeat till end.

6. K4, K F&B, repeat till end.

7. Knit.

8. K5, K F&B, repeat till end.

9. K6, repeat till end.

10. Knit.

11. Change to circ ndle. K7, K F&B, repeat till end.

12. K8, K F&B, repeat till end.

13. Knit.

14. K9, K F&B, repeat till end.

15. Knit.

continue to knit for 16 more rows. or until desired length is achieved.
Bind off.
weave in ends.

For Smaller size, on row 14, just Knit, don't increase.

Happy Knitting~


  1. Ooh! Thanks Kacie! It's always good to have patterns for guy presents. :) Wonder if you could put your gauge on the pattern. Mine never matches other peoples. I usually knit way looser.

    Thanks for the pattern!!

  2. The gauge on my Dads hat is 2 1/2 st. to one inch.