Friday, December 23, 2011

Tiny things, Lots of joy.

I wanted to show you what my Nana gave to me for my Birthday/Christmas present this year.

Her miniature collection.
I have enjoyed looking at these fun little things since I was a tiny thing my self.
I was absolutely gobsmacked when she handed me the box and I looked inside and saw what was hidden in the tissue paper depths.
It took me a few weeks to find a knickknack shelf at Goodwill but every time I went I would diligently look, and one day I found the prize that I was seeking!

here are just a few of my most favorite things in this lovely collection

The teeny, tiny mugs with my Nana and Papa's names on them

Three of the eleven thimbles. although I have to say that my favorite of these is the one that is a size 11 with leather and tape in it that my Great Grandmother used

The tiny tea things

And not to forget the loaf of bread, tiny hamburger, and slab of butter.

I get joy every time I look at these tiny treasures
Happy Miniaturing~

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a treasure! I love the tiny phone! And I spy a tiny kitten that looks just like one that Robyn has.

    I love it.