Thursday, December 29, 2011


It is finally time that I can start showing you what I have been doing for the past four months!
This year, instead of trying to guess what every body would like I just asked them
' if I where to knit you something, what would you want?'
And you know what? it worked great!!!
 My oldest brother told me that he wanted a sweater.. Okay.
I had him help pick out the pattern, then I picked out that yarn and kept it under wraps for four long months.
The pattern that he picked out was from  winter 2009/10 VogueKnitting
It is a beautiful pattern and I would advise it for anyone willing to take the time and have the patience for it!

The yarn that I picked out was Lion brand, fisherman's wool.
wonderful yarn! I used the dark brown. it has a wonderful feel to it and it it looks perfect for this pattern.
I had trouble finding buttons at Joann's that I liked enough so I went to juniper Fiber Works and found five beautiful horn buttons. granted they where $4 each, but it was well worth the cost!

I have to say that while knitting I never really had any major problems, but that being said, working on this thing and on my dads gift together nearly gave me an ulcer...
In the end everything worked out perfectly!

I have to say that on it's own it is a beautiful sweater, but lets face it, it's the guy inside that really makes it :)
I was so happy to knit my wonderful brother something that he will use and love.

I started this on Oct 27th and ended on Dec 12th.
I haven't tallied up my hours yet....
Happy knitting~


  1. Wow that's incredible! I like yours even better than the one in the Vogue magazine! And I think when your going to all the work to make something that quality is a must so good for you buying the buttons even if they were more expensive! Definitely worth it and I'm sure Devon will treasure it!

  2. Looks so great Kacie! I love it!!

  3. OMG, your brother looks gorgeous in this nostalgic sweater! Beautiful work!