Monday, September 19, 2011

Squirrel Girl

I have finished the Squirrel sweater!
Beg' 9-4-11 Fin' 9-18-11
The other night I could not sleep. I was tired but not sleepy. So I decided that I would work on my sweater.
well, after awhile it got to the point where I knew I would not be able to rest until I had finished it. so I knitted till 3:30am and finished the sweater!
I was pretty tired the next day, but who cares? I knitted a full sweater in 14 days!
At around 1:40am I was busy picking up st. on one of the front sides when the unthinkable happened! the circular needle I was using broke!!!!
This, folks, is why we don't buy cheap Needles! I was at a point where I couldn't go back so it took me about 30min just to fix and change the stupid needles

This is all the yarn I have left over.

And here is the finished sweater!!

it's the warmest sweater I have ever worn. you put it on and it's like it's hugging you with it's softness and warmth. Like the pattern said it is loose fitting,
but that doesn't really matter, because it has Squirrels on it :)

I had more trouble then I thought when trying to find buttons the right color. it took me FOREVER!
II just was unable to find the right color!
till I looked at the bargain buttons...I got three packs of 3 for $2.20 ( after coupon, and discount.)
so total cost of this grand adventure including blocking board, pins, everything)
Not bad.

So there you go, one Squirrel sweater!
Happy Knitting~


  1. Kacie! It's gorgeous! You are so fast. And $30 is amazing! Great job!

    How many skeins did it take?

  2. You know, you should make some mittens with squirrels on them! Wouldn't that be cute? You could use your leftover yarn! ;)


  3. Genevieve Darling! Thank you! I bought five skiens of blue and one of gold. I already had a half skien of blue at home from a previous project, and BOY am I glad I did! I am unsure if I would have had enough with out it. so about six and a half total (with two half skiens left over) I LOVE the mitten idea! I could even do acorns instead of squirrels...hmmmm.