Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Block Head

No, I haven't gotten all of the knitting done, but I have enough done that I can start blocking what I have finished.
(all I have left to knit are the sleeves.)

So today I got all I needed to start blocking.
I haven't done that much blocking, well on this scale I should say. so I wasn't quit sure how to go about doing it.
What I have done in the past is to just pin the wet piece of knitting to a towel draped over the ironing board.
That would quit cut it this time. So I researched about blocking on....BLOGS! boy, some of them are sure packed with useful information!
On one blog I saw where she used foam floor mats as her blocking board and I thought that it was the most ingenious idea ever!
So I got some at Harbor Freight, for $9.99 (on sale.)
(these mats do stink, so you may want to air them out, or block somewhere other then you're living space. or even better wait to block when you have a sinus cold! :) )

and I also got some T pins for $6.38 (That's 2 packs of 40. so I got 80 pins.)
(I got these at Joann's)

and so it begins!

I was a little worried that the colors would bleed. but they didn't! YAY!!! I didn't really want a sweater with strange green colored squirrels on it...

I will let these block till I get the sleeves finished then I shall block them.
Happy Blocking~

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  1. That is such a beautiful sweater! Wow, that is a lot of blocking. I never block anything. Bad me. :)