Saturday, July 9, 2011

Playing with Henna

A few years back I started to get fascinated with Arabian art work.
I don't agree with the religion, AT ALL. but you have to agree that their art work they make is beautiful!
Around this same time I also got into the wonderful world of henna. not the real stuff, mind. but I painted my own interpretation of it on large wall paintings. Since then I have wanted to do the REAL thing,
I just haven't been able to afford the kit.
For my birthday this year my Mom got me a gift card to Joann's. :)
So, I got the kit.
I couldn't do it before my Brothers wedding so I had to wait till the week after.
So the week we got back,
I got brave!

I have drawn on my hand with Sharpe before, so I had a little experience but not with something that stains for a few weeks....

When the henna drys it's so weird! it's like having a REALLY REALLY big scab
(and the worst part is I am a scab picker..really bad habit, I know.)

I left it on ten hours then the scraping began.
the kit said to remove the Henna with veggie oil on a cotton ball.
I don't know if I did it wrong or what,
 but a little old cotton ball would not budge the henna. so I took a nail scraper
 (you know the thing that you scrap under you're finger-nails to get the dirt out...yeah, that thing.)
for about an hour and a half.
This is the morning after.

It got even darker then this..
It's already really faded by now :(  but it was cool when it was still really dark!
I will definitely do henna again.
I don't think I would get a real tattoo. I think I would get bored with it to quickly, plus if I have trouble piercing my ears I would most definitely have trouble getting a tattoo..
So there you have it, my adventure with Henna!
Happy Henna-ing~

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