Monday, July 11, 2011

A little off track.

I know I should be finishing the things that are on my "list"
But sometimes you need to have a little fun, right?
last week I started a new dress for my doll.
My book of inspiration

I love this book! I got it at barns&noble a year or so ago.

These are corsets not bodices. But the one on the left, I love as a bodice.
it is from 1760.

drafting the patterns.
For each out-fit I make for Ophelia I usually I have to draft up a new pattern.
It's not that scary any more because I have SO many patterns from all the years I have been sewing for my doll. All I have to do is find patterns pieces that have elements that I want in the dress and compile them till I have the pattern I want.

I took two back pieces and over laid them

Then I drew the shape that I REALLY wanted

The finished pattern pieces.

The fabric I chose to make the bodice out of.

The pieces sewn together and the lining sewn on.

Marking for the eyelets.

every one has their own way of making eyelets.
I punch the holes with a Japanese screw punch.
An amazing tool!!!
Then I sew around the holes with a double strand of thread.
The size of bit I have found to be the best is 2.5mm

The holes all punched and ready to sew.

the finished bodice. I already had a skirt form a dress I made for her last year.

the back

The sleeves are completely detachable.
So if I decide that I want it as a corset, I can just take the sleeves off.

Happy Sewing~

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  1. That is so beautiful Kacie! Thank for showing the process!