Thursday, July 21, 2011

One last thing.

My great Grandmothers sewing basket.
Beautiful, isn't it?
But what could it be containing in it's sunny yellow interior?
Why, the last project on my list ofcourse!!

My wedding ring quilt.
I have been working on it for a few years already

First I found the pattern online.(For free:))

then I cut out the pieces.
Piece A-1.744 piece B.R-436 piece B.L-436 piece D-99 piece C-218 piece E-436
3.369p pieces total.
it took awhile to cut out...
The fabric that I used was mostly from scraps that my Grandma gave to me a few years ago.
Some very bright and funky fabrics to say the least!

Then the next part was to sew pieces A-B.R-B.L together into
( I call them "half moons" but they could also be crescents.)

until I had 436

Now, the part that I am currently doing.
sewing piece C to the "half moons"

until I have 218

Then sewing piece E onto the "half moons"

Then sewing it together till it make an ellipse.

The next part would now be to sew the ellipses onto piece D

After making these, it would be time to start sewing the top together like so~

When I am done with this quilt I'm thinking that I will be very adapt with sewing curved lines.
did I mention that I am sewing this all buy hand?
since this project is more of a
 " Do while sitting in the evenings watching TV"
less of a
 "sit and sew by hand in the middle of the day" Project.
this means I can START NEW projects!!!
Mostly revolving around the American Civil War.
I am being hopeful that we will be able to go to at least one reenactment this year
(most likely false hope, but hope none the less..)
I hope this inspires you to start a quilt project of you're own!!!
Happy Quilting~

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  1. Hello my dear friend!
    It has been WAY too long since I have actually looked at anyone's blog other than ours. Lame.
    So here I am to bask in the loveliness of yours. Your quilt (Although I'm sure by now it's even farther along!) is looking famously! Yikes! All those curved seams!! You really are going to be pro.