Thursday, July 14, 2011

Map of Middle Earth.



I decided that I would make a wall hanging out of it, framing it would cost a lot more money.

The fabric that I chose for the baking and "bating"

This is the backing, just plain old cotton.
The color of green matches the green DMC that I used for the embroidery.
and I love the floral pattern.

The "bating".
Cream colored felt. it is nice and wide to where I would have to have a seem down the middle.


I thought I had gotten photo's of putting it together but I guess I didn't....
Here it is, all put together!

The label.

And there you have it!!!
when I first had the idea to make this I thought it would take me a whole lot longer then what it did!
which makes me very happy, I almost thought that it was a bit to ambitious of a project.
I am already thinking of other large wall hangings that I would like to do :)
(some other day.)
Happy Mapping~

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  1. Oh my! It is fantastic Kacie! I can't believe how fast you got it done!! I love the wall hanging idea. It works perfectly!