Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It has been almost two month's since I started my map embroidery,
And I am done with the top!!!!!!!!!!

I used four different colors
Black(for words) Dark Grey(for mountains/hills) Green(for tree/swamp) Blue(water)
(DMC color # Grey-3799, Blue-3750, Green-3362, and black.)
I haven't washed the blue ink out yet but I will be doing that this afternoon.
NOW, I need you're help!!!!!
I am not sure on how I want to go about finishing it.
do I want to Quilt it or not? and if I do Quilt it, how?
I don't want the Quilting to overpower the Embroidery.
So I need you're advise! what should I do?!?!
Happy Embroidering~
(really, I need you're help!!! so, leave a comment!)


  1. Ooh! It's looks so awesome! It seems like quilting might take away from the embroidery like you say. Hmmm.. How about quilting on a border around it? You could quilt words or Tolkien face if you wanted to be truly crazy! :)

    It's fabulous by itself for sure. But, whatever you decide to do I know it will be epic. :)


  2. Wow, Kacie! HOOT HOOT for being done! most of the way anyway.. hee hee! It looks fabulous! I'm sure you will pick something lovely. I like it just the way it is... but i do agree with Genevieve. the quilting might take away from the outrageously cool embroidery. yay! i want it in my room!