Thursday, June 16, 2011

Blue Birds.

A project that I started last year I have finally finished!
A baby quilt,


9" blocks of white on white fabric with blue birds appliqued in different shades of blue.
one of my inspirations was the Glenn Miller song ( there'll be blue birds over) the white cliffs of Dover.
I had most of the blocks done. I only needed to make one more, then put the top together.
here's a tip for ya!
If you only have scraps of batting and you don't want to have to go and buy more,
Sew the piece's together!

It looks a bit like something you would see in a Tim Burton film, but hey, it works. plus it's free!
( Don't sew it on the machine, over lap the batting about 1/2" and use LONG running stitches)

The quilt sandwich


This quilt is not quilted but tied. it gives a nice comforter feel to it.


the finished quilt!
the finished size is 36x45 perfect crib size.
My Mom is pretty awesome, she made my quilt label for me :)

This quilt is for sale, so if you REALLY, REALLY like it, you can buy it!
( I don't have a price on it yet but if you are interested in buying it, message me we can haggle a bit.)
Happy Quilting~

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