Monday, June 6, 2011

Friendship Quilt

Hurray! I am finishing projects that are on my list!
It always feels SO good to be able to cross off projects with a sharpie :)
One thing that I was able to finish last week was a project that I started a few years ago.
A Friendship Quilt for my doll.
I had every one I knew that had a doll like mine, make a squire  for the quilt with the name of there doll on it.

I love how each one is completely different! they each have there own personality. much like the dolls(ladies) do!
It took me an afternoon to sew the top and sandwich the layers together.

I used cotton bating and plain muslin for the back.

It took me another two days of quilting

The finished Quilt measures 23x20"
perfect Doll size :)
I want to Thank every one who made a block for this Quilt.
You all did such a beautiful job!
I hope you all are having a lovely day!
Happy Quilting~

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  1. Oh my! It's turned out so beautiful! I love the colored blocks because it really ties it all together. The quilting is exquisite!