Thursday, June 2, 2011

nobody minds anything at a wedding, unlike a funeral, wot,wot?!

For many months I have had a will guarded secret.
You all now my doll (if you have been reading my blog, you should now her...)
I have always thought it would be REALLY cool if I had a guy Doll to sew clothes for.
So I got onto eBay to see if I could find one for sale.
And I did!....for over $1.000....
Lets just say I don't have that kind of money just laying around...
So, I decided to make one!
And, if, I have a "man" doll living under the same roof as Ophelia they would need to get married.
So they where!
I invited some friends that also have porcelain dolls over to help celebrate.

I hand wrote and painted each one of the invitations

And the dolls had to have invitations to!

The day of the party!

The "wonderful" weather we had...
(yes. that is hale.)

The Man himself.
He is made from super Sculpey. The box said it is a ceramic-like sculpturing compound.
It has a skin tone coloring to it. When he came out of firing he was rather dark then what I had wanted. Since Ophelia is so pale. 
 I started to think of reasons for why he would be so dark.
Ophelia is French. So I wanted him to be french to. Okay, so that means that he can be from south France.
But this still doesn't explain why he just looks so dark.
so naturally I NEW he would have to be a sailor! not just any sailor, but a captain.
So now, introducing to you,
Captain Sebastian Lafayette

The happy couple

The bride
( In a white silk dress)(yes, REAL silk!)

All the lovely Dolls that where able to come :)

Every one who came was just so very pretty!
I had all the girls who came dress in what ever era that they wanted
 and one of my friends dressed up in the 1840's.
she had the most awesome hair EVER!

It was such a fun day!
And I am so glad that the Captain and Ophelia are now respectable again :)
Happy Celebrating~

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  1. A party is a party but a wedding tea party... ah!!


    Thank you so much for inviting us! We had a lovely time!

    Genevieve and Olive