Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Right, or Wrong. that is the question....

I am in need of your opinion.
So please, don't be shy to give it!!!


After ten years of having the same cape for reenacting I have finally decided that my disgust for, said cape has finally come to fruition.
I am ready to move on.

The cape, is one of those first sewing projects that all reenactors have jammed in the back of there closets.
The thing that was made from an unauthentic pattern, polyester lining, uncomfortable, what-have-you.
The cape is one of these things.
It works fine when it is cold, or raining cats and dogs but never a joy to wear.
( Plus I always feel that when starting the fire when wearing the cape I will some how light it on fire and Kacie would cease to be...)


So, After Willamette ( Pictures coming "soon" )
I started to come up with a pattern for a new cloak/coat.
baste off of Traveling coats.

This is where I need YOUR help.
The coat that I designed is basically a cape with sleeves.
The thing I do like about cape's is that they have hoods.
So I put a hood on my mock-up, I have not seen a picture of a coat with hood during or before the 1860's so my question to you is-
Does the hood make it look to modern?
Should I just go for a coat with no hood and just put a collar on it?

I am torn between wanting a hood and wanting an authentic piece of clothing.
once again,

Happy Helping~


  1. I would go authentic or at least make it removable. They did make separate hoods to wear on occasion. Not a bonnet but truly a soft coat like hood just not attached to a coat.

  2. I love hoods too. I'd say put a hood on it and who cares what the fashions are! You are a independent and forward thinking young woman! Hee hee!
    Can't wait to see what you end up making. The detachable hood is a really good idea too!


  3. do the hood, start your own fashion statement.

  4. I would say, If you do the hood, just pick the most-awesome of awesome fabric lining and no one will even think of saying, "that's not authentic." and if they do, punch them in the face.

  5. Hey Kacie! I just found these and thought of you! Aren't they awesome?!