Tuesday, June 19, 2012


As I promised in my last post
this one would be about some ( not all ) of the things that I have been doing during my hiatus.

This is my none historical post. That I am saving for the NEXT one...



Here fishy, fishy.

A beaded sperm whale pin.

The beads are sewn onto dark blue felt.

Since it is on felt this means it is very flexible...


There she blows!
Finally finished my whale wall hanging!

I am rather please with how it came out.
It has already come in handy many times.


I got to go to the coast!



Do you know what these are?

That is right! they are a teeny,tiny working corset busk.
At this point you may be thinking- What do you need a tiny working corset busk for Kacie?

The answer would be
 a miniature replica of my 1902 corset for my doll, of course!


Yes, I made an almost exact replica of my corset, for my doll.

One to many eyelets on the left side....


I had a Birthday!
My Mom and Dad got me a new sewing machine a few months back.
( which I have already posted about.)
But my Mom thought that she would give me something ON my birthday.
Since I am ALWAYS "stealing" her Quilting ruler, she decided that it was time I had one of my own :)
It has already seen much use. 


More pattern drafting.
This time for modern clothing.


The most exciting thing.

I got my Wedding ring quilt in the quilting frame!!!!!

It took about two tries getting the layers all basted but I got it done!......

Well. Not DONE, just in the frame....But still!!!
I can almost see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel!

The next few posts shall be about all my historical projects that I have been working on...

Happy Wanderings~


  1. Oh my goodness Kacie! You are sooo inspiring! I can't believe your quilt! It's AMAZING! I really need to get mine out! :P You get so many things done so fast....I really need to focus on my projects more!
    And your doll's corset is SO perfect! So darling. My mom just brought my doll to me when she was here visiting in May...I need to make her some new things! You know I think her entire wardrobe was made for her by my friends...(yourself included!) It makes me look lazy! haha but she does have such lovely things to wear. :)
    Your whale wall hanging is so cool! I love it! (and I love whales!)The pin is tooo cute!
    *sigh*...your blog is always so inspiring to me.
    Miss you friend!
    ♥ Anna

  2. What a fun post! Who doesn't love whales?! Love the pin and the embroidery! I want to see it in person some time! The doll corset with the tiny busk! So adorable and pretty!
    And your quilt looks so fabulous!! I love the bright pattern on the white background. It looks so happy!