Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cable Raglan

Happy Fall!

Here is a project that I finished about two months ago ( I know, I know. I should have posted this up looong ago.)
I had found this pattern in a note book of my mothers a few years ago and I really liked it, and thought that someday when I got brave enough I would try to make it.

It was a kit that one of my Aunts had made back in the 60's.

This is why it took me a few years to get the courage to knit it up....
They don' make patterns like this anymore. and for good reason!

Well, once I decided that I wanted to try and knit it, I thought I would get rid  of some scrap yarn while I was at it.
I had a skein each of Vanna's choice color-charcoal gray and olive.
well of course the project to help get rid of yarn I had to end up buying to more skeins.
 I am really pleased with it.
 I did lengthen the sleeves.

It is knitted from the top down, and knitted in one piece. I made size Medium.
The most interesting thing about this pattern is that, for making the different sizes you don;t knit with more st. you use bigger needles.
So I used sized 6 and 11.

I love how the yoke turned out.
there are more things that I have done in the past few months that I have not gotten around to posting yet, but have no fear! because I will be posting as often as I can and the things that I won't be posting are waiting till*cough**cough*after Christmas.
Happy knitting~


  1. It turned out so beautifully! Great job Kacie!


  2. Oh my goodness....this is so lovely and cozy looking! I want to make a sweater! Maybe when I finish those socks...and some of the other many projects I have going. ;) So inspired. :)