Monday, May 9, 2011

Finger painting isn't just for kindergarteners...

This last weekend one of my brothers moved!
Since he has a lot more room then the last place he was in, he has a lot of empty wall space...
The one thing I hate about most house's I ever go in,
is empty wall space.
I mean if you don't have colorful walls
so I decided that I was going to paint him some pictures.
My oldest Brother
( this is the one that moved...not one getting married, that's my other brother.
just so you know who's who's.)
is a great musician. He's a one man band :)
(his band name is Anurythm find him on Facebook!!!)
so I naturally thought that the paintings had to be musically inclined.

My "canvas" ( it's really only paper....)

My inspiration was "hand made music"
it is a series of painting's

It's all finger painted, to go with the "hand made" theme.
So there you go. Even if your no longer a little kid, you can still finger paint!
Happy Finger painting~

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  1. Wahoo! Those are awesome! I love the piano one. Very mod. ;)