Friday, March 2, 2012

Queen Bee Bonnet. Part #1.

As I hope you know, I made myself a bonnet a few months ago and found that I really quite enjoyed the process of it.
I decided that I wanted to make my mom a new bonnet as well.
 The bonnet she already has is a plain black silk one that she made a few years ago.

She wanted something a little less "All my family died".
The fabric that we chose is a beautiful gray silk

We also got some cream and a dusty pink silk for the flowers.
You know me, why buy silk flowers when you can make the yourself!...

I used the same pattern as my bonnet, without mods and in one size bigger.

It took me the better part of a Saturday to cover the buckram base.
I have to say that I was glad that I documented my last bonnet so well...

For the cream flowers I wanted them similar to the ones on my bonnet but a little smaller.

The under petals are like the ones on my bonnet, the top ones is the new pattern.

For construction, same as the first flowers that I made.


The first flowers that I made I love, but they have a major flaw.
The only thing keeping them on the stem is the tape at the base of the flower, which means it is really easy to just pull the flowers off.
To fix this I remembered that I had some modelling beeswax that I had gotten from a friend a few years ago.

I thought maybe if I melted the wax and then put some onto where the stamen would be it might help make them more sturdy.

And it worked! 
It worked so well in fact that I decided to put wax on the flowers on my bonnet as well.

The finished flower bunches.

I am still working on the pink flowers, they are giving me a bit more trouble.
Happy Hatting~


  1. So lovely! Can't wait to see it in "action". :) Love the colors you chose!


  2. Oh, I love it! I have been wanting to make a "Sunday" bonnet for quite a while now. These are absolutely beautiful! I love the silk she chose! And the flowers are so delightful! I am inspired!