Thursday, March 1, 2012

Drawers not Drawers.

One of the last underclothes to re-do: drawers.
My old ones were just basic drawstring drawers, here are a few things wrong with them
(at least in my eyes..)
All those gathers under a corset, after a long day gets REALLY uncomfortable.
Sometimes the drawstring comes loose...*cough* once again rather *cough* uncomfortable..
there are a few other things that I won't get into here...

Thankfully on this project I actually had a pattern that I could use!
Buckaroo Bobbins drawer and corset cover pattern.

I made three pairs.

Tucks at the button of each leg.
I don't really like lace on my underclothing so I usually keep them pretty simple.

Simple button closure.
(No plastic buttons.)

Happy Sewing~


  1. So lovely! I like the way the waistband is. I imagine it's pretty comfortable? I need to make new ones, mine are in a sad state.


  2. "Comfortable Undergarments!! Oh!"
    *cough* Yes, I know what you mean....
    Ha ha!